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Environmental enhancement This is the taking of selfies to create memories or trophies of oneself (e. Answer (1 of 6) When a guy asks you to have a picture with him then there is a very high chance that he is interested in you.
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  • Racking up the likes is serving as a means of self-esteem, and your guy might be too obsessed with living an unrealistic.
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  • Answer (1 of 8) Going by pure men mentality, there is a 85 this guy likes you.
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    If a guy likes your selfie, theres a huge chance that he likes you.

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  • They say bad things about your current boyfriend or girlfriend.
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    Aug 23, 2020 As you can see from the list above, narcissistic motives were the most common.

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    Your snaps will say replayed next to them if your crush watched them again.